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Sophisticated confections with a culinary twist.  Who can resist sweets on a stick? Unique concoctions with a herbal or spice twist, cocktail-infusion, or a java inspired mixology.

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Herbs & Spices

Chili Mango (Ancho chili dusted outside of sweet tropical mango), Watermelon & Tajin (our topseller of watermelon sans currants, dusted with Tajin (lime & chili) for pucker), Lemon Ginger (flavored with clean lemon & ginger oils and a candied piece of ginger in the middle), Horchata (the Mexican cinnamon, vanilla rice drink in a lollipop), Sweet Cinnamon (like Red Hots®), Black Licorice.

the Mixology Collection

Limoncello (the Italian styled liqueor on a stick) Salty Margarita (lime & orange oil with a touch of salt), Pomegranate Cosmo - Limited, and Champagne (star shape with edible glitter and stars).

the Romance Collection

Lavender Vanilla (our handmade lavender and vodka-based vanilla extract, with culinary lavender buds). All our Romance Collection lollipops are heart shaped because are all from the heart.

the Desserts

Lemon Cheesecake (Limited), Lemon Pound Cake (Limited), Birthday Cake (tastes like yellow cake, with festive sprinkles), Root Beer Float (our classic root beer with a touch of our bourbon based vanilla extract, double poured so this lollipop looks like there is an ice cream layer floating).

the Summer Time Collection

P.O.G. (passion fruit, orange & guava - a Hawaiian favorite), Watermelon (top seller), Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Tea.

the Sours

Sour Lemon, Sour Green Apple - YES, we finally figured out how to do a pucker without scorching!

the Fruits

Raspberry Mango (flood pour technique results in a lollipop that looks like the setting sun), Ripe Strawberry, Prickly Pear (cactus pear with a touch of raspberry)- Limited, Green Apple (turtle shape, this has a crisp element, not sour), Key Lime - Limited, Very Cherry (double hearts), Blood Orange.

the Funner Collection

Galaxy (Mixed Berries of blackberry and touch of strawberry, and edible silver glitter stars - resembles the night sky), Cotton Candy (unicorn shaped, tastes like warm spun sugar), Bubble Gum (Bubblicious or Bazooka? the debate goes on).

No Sugar (Isomalt & Xylitol)

Salty Margarita NS, Ripe Strawberry NS, Birthday Cake NS, Watermelon NS, Green Apple NS, and Sour Lemon NS. Dentists love our No Sugar because of the xylitol. But my Veterinarians are not a fan — Please keep these treats away from dogs as Xylitol is harmful to canines. (Note: because we don’t use preservatives or stabilizers, these lollipops may get cloudy after a few weeks. They are FINE. We just like to not use anything that isn’t benefiting taste or your health.)


Lick It Lollipops™ are $2 each, 3/$5 or Baker's Dozen (13) for $20 for those listed here.  Prices at events may vary.

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Updated:  Thursday, August 15, 2019

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