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If you are interested in ordering Lick It Lollipops™, please visit The Market Place for what flavors we have poured.  And be sure your email includes how many of those delicious flavors you would like and your Name.

Special events?  Please include the date and type of event and your Name and Phone.

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Sophisticated confections with a culinary twist.  Who can resist sweets on a stick? Unique concoctions with a herbal or spice twist, cocktail-infusion, or a java inspired mixology.

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Shipping Info

Wanting some Lick It Lollipops™ goodness in your life, or to bless someone with delight on a stick? Take a look at what is available on the Marketplace, and write down what flavors and how many you want. Then email us with your desires. We will confirm with a PayPal Invoice sent to your email address. Look it over and be sure your shipping address is correct. We ship upon receipt of payment - almost immediately (uhm, we need sleep too, but we want to get those sophisticated flavors in your hot hands ASAP, so we move as quickly as we can, so let’s agree on the next business day, okay?)

The devil is in the details - All orders are sent USPS priority mail with tracking. We do ship internationally - contact us for shipping price quotes.  Invoices not paid within 3 business days are cancelled.

Due to the fact that my items are food related, there are No Returns. Please let me know if you are unhappy with your order and we can work something out together.